Rialto Bedrooms


A luxurious range of 19 high gloss acrylic faced doors, available in a stunning choice of light tones, dramatic primary hues and metallic finishes. Rialto doors come with a colour matched edge for a smooth coordinated look.

Rialto can be paired with any of the colours in the Colour Fusions collection in both Bedroom and Lifespace furniture.


High Gloss - Black

High Gloss - Blackbury

High Gloss - Burgundy

High Gloss - Cappuccino

High Gloss - Grey Dark

High Gloss - Grey Light

High Gloss - Lilac

High Gloss - Metallic Anthracite

High Gloss - Metallic Black

High Gloss - Metallic Copper

High Gloss - Metallic Oxyegen

High Gloss - Metallic Red

High Gloss - Metallic Silver

High Gloss - Metallic Titanium

High Gloss - Metallic White

High Gloss - Plum

High Gloss - Red

High Gloss - White


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